SONDAY Syndication of MUST Media & Mobility Digital Staffing

SONDAY Syndication of sales reps, business lobby TV's, digital virtual dealership technology for driverless and hydro-electric vehicles are enhanced by global distribution by Universal Changemakers of human resources of potent Digital DNA Studio Employees.

Digtital DNA Studio Employees to be Virtual Car Dealers?

Digital DNA Studio Employees will soon revolutionize virtual, 

Digital Car Dealership by applying state of the art eLend Solutions.  

Farmers Daughter Grain & Grapes Virtual Dealership & Dancing


Farmers Daughter Twins: Virtual, Holographic, Alta Hydro Electric & Driverless Vehicle Dealerships by Day & Universal Changemakers Entertainment HJ Dance Venues by night. Farmer's Daughter Tech rights pre-sold by state for $70,000 each to 50 Licensees in CA & 1 in each capital city per state.

SONDAY Syndication of  "Farmer's Daughter Twins" called Grain & Grapes. MUST Media & Mobility monetizes & increases "per acre profits" of rural farm land. How?  Farmer's Daughter Twins Virtual digital dealership will function as both a franchise consultant and Franchise Broker providing multiple digital & entertainment incomes from TVs in lobbies of local businesses to same land producing Grain & Grapes.


"Grain" By Carolyn Rich-Sneed

eVest branded Financier of Farmers Daughter Commercial Real Estate Buildings for use on Farmers & Ranchers land. Carolyn Rich Sneed is a finance & marketing team technology consultant for landowners to monetizes their land with higher per acre profits from driverless, hydro-electric vehicles & rural entertainment. Farmer's Daughter host rural dance floors & Holographic  entertainment & singing competitions in dealerships by night.


"Grapes" by Brandy Bianchini

 "Official producer of Just Do Jesus trademark 1st Miracle Wine".

SONDAY Syndication staff is boots on ground & venues for MUST Media & Mobility & Universal Changemaker's products & services. Brandy is an experienced multi-disciplinarian in media & finance. 

Farmers Daughter Twins dealerships & dance venues distribute Just Do Jesus's 1st Miracle Wine, Weddings &  Entertainment. Visit Brandy's linked page for background on Brandy's brilliance.

SONDAY Syndication boots on ground reps & business lobby TVs

SONDAY Syndication Team Model for funding sales reps & building networks of contents providers for TVS in Living rooms, Business lobbies & rural & urban land distribute the tools of Solar Farms, Virtual Digital Dealerships & entertainment venues in rural markets.

Media Content produced by Stan Foster Media & members of Universal Changemakers.

Farmers Daughters Digital Dealership's & Solar Farms

The recommendation of Farmers Daughters Digital Dealerships & Solar Farms? Priceless!

Mobility As A Service

The Future of Transport

Mobility As Service is only one innovation of 7 technologies

SONDAY Syndication CEO is dedicating to apply the 7 biggest technology trends to MUST Media Promotions for our Universal Change makers content & Farmers Daughter facilities.

Mercedez Benz Vans

MUST monetize driverless vans to move man by day & cargo by night. 

10 Year Vision into future of SONDAY's MUST Mobility

Vision? SONDAY Branded Driverless Vans provided to each host of

SONDAY School Alternative@Home by Farmer's Daughter Dealers.

MASS = Manufactuering As A Service. It could produce an Official  SONDAY Driverless Vehicle from Edit by Open Motors in 10 years. 

Tesal Semi Truck

Why pay $6497 prepare your business credit over next 2 years & to sell business credit, now while you prepare to buy yourself a driverless Tesla Semi Truck or even possible a fleet of Semis?

Tesal Robotaxis

Elon says the driverless Robotaxi will be ready to launch in 2021. SONDAY Syndication CEO research suggests our members just begin to prepare your business credit over the next 2-3 yrs. Position your self to buy Robotaxis in more like 3- 4 years or longer. Just Be Ready! 

Earn $30,000 yearly on a passive $50,000 Robotaxi buy is amazing whenever it happens.

MUST Media & Mobility promotes the wisdom of Elon Musk.

Brilliant ideas backed by government contracts & grants is strategy that Universal Changemakers is at the leading edge of project financing in a myriad of ways.

MUST Mobility Monetizes Dispatching all driverless vehicles


MUST Media Promotes Mobility As A Service

Mobility As a service is not limited to Tesla, but over 30 manufacturers have entered the mobility business.


All car manufacturers want to earn money on their cars after sales, like Tesla & you.

MUST Media & Mobility CEO is dedicated to guiding our members to Monetize Underutilized Space & Tools in the mobility industry,


All forms of mobility as a service to be seamless from manufacturers by mobiles.

MUST Media & Mobility mission is to bring the message of mobility as a service into homes by sales reps & lobbies by TV's. 

SONDAY Syndication promotes vision of Universal Changemakers

SONDAY Syndication marketing reps & TVs in homes, churches & business lobbies are monetizing underutilized space & tools of our members by delivering the apex, pinnacle & zenith level of syndication of capital, real estate, technology & Multi-media content for the execution of the tools of 50 billionaires per home, church, business lobby' finance literacy in:

  • Private Equity,
  •  Investment banking 
  • Commercial lending

SONDAY Syndication flagship business credit product & Finance Literacy tools @ CCTG:  

SONDAY Syndication CEO below is also a graduate of CCTG


Kermit Simms (far left) is both a graduate of CCTG and the CEO Of SONDAY Syndication of business credit, capital, media, radio, TV, film and multi-media in business & homes.

Bank Loan Syndication by media syndication distributes capital sources by Live Stream broadcasts 


Loan Syndication

Bank loan Syndication commissions & Capital Syndication commissions and tools are provided to SONDAY Syndication CEO Strategic fusion of media, digital employees & capital syndication


Media Syndication

SONDAY Syndication personal seat licensees pre-sales for MUST Live Stream Broadcast Studio Audience members are limited to the first 50 members living in Los Angeles  @ $70,000 each per PSL seat & one $70,000 member living in each of 50 capital cities. 

50 members in L.A. + One in each of 50 state Capital Cities

Each $70,000 pre-licensee will be provided the masterful mixture of syndication of all 7 of the top 2020 technological advancements in their state territory through Evest Platform. 

SONDAY Syndication CEO vision is to build hotels Investors

SONDAY CEO Simms & Dr Georgene Chase DDS, Angie and Ken Hines are  a focused team ready to begin engaging Evest technology, for Carolyn Rich Sneed eloan digital dearlships & other models of commercial loan financing to be players in Modular hotels & buildings.

SONDAY Syndication is preparing investors for big things

Geurdon Modular Building construction is a digital disruption to guild SONDAY members. 

Are you professional marketing rep, call CEO @ 678-559-8747


Apply 4 disruption tools of finance & construction in real estate of SONDAY Syndication & Universal Changemakers

Earn high incomes from bank Loan Syndication, Capital Syndication, Real Estate & Media Syndication.


Bank Loan Syndication and big Business Credit Income.

For only $17,500 Personal Seat license to become a member of SONDAY Syndication CEO Live Stream Broadcast Studio Audience Podcast directly into TVs in homes, farms, churches & business Lobbies to earn $42,000 per Podcast by members who qualify. 


Media & Commercial Real Estate Syndication income.

SONDAY Syndication members provide high incomes to professional sales reps and owners of land and business lobbies We join forces with Universal Changemakers to provide highest level legal, accounting, tax, financing and multi-media productions for our members to serve our top level entertainment networks

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