What if Tesla Robo-taxis does not work out?

The Tesal Robo-taxi strategy is only one of the Tools Simms will apply to Smile Restore Dental Finance Industry Strategy. Therefore, it is vitally important Simms' SONDAY School Alternative progressively builds over time into the legal infrastructure of the Smile Restore Brand all the tools of 50 billionaires through Smile Restore Loan & Syndication Consortium. 


Pay $6497 to build business credit, sell loans & marketing.

$17,500 is for 8 Incomes from Simms Smile Restore Loan & Media Mobile & Live Stream Broadcast Studio

Kermit Simms CEO Smile Restore Tesla Robo-Taxi Fleet Financing, Loan & Syndicated Consortium merged high income sources into a $17,500 package & $350 mo shared staffing per county territory.

Simple steps to group purchase of require $68,000 CCTG Elite Platinum Program per county.

  •  Pay $17,500 to Smile Restore CCTG Consortium by 6 members per county territory.
  • $17,500 x 6 people = $105,000 to pay $68,000 for CCTG Platinum Elite & marketing.
  • Receive Creditsuite free of charge. Receive Finance Marketing Free of charge.
  • Receive Digital Healthcare Staffing free of charge.
  • Northamerica Bancard income via ATM machine, cashregisters & merchant processing 
  • Receive Tesla Robo-Taxi buying financed by CCTG bank loan Loan Syndication commissions free of charge to pay cash for your Chase Dental Practice And mobile dental clinic combo or Teslas Fleet per county territory. 

To Qualify For a Media Territory? Buy $6497 & refer 5 Business Credit Products=$17,500

The $17,500 Consortium Membership fee can be earned by 5 referrals to CEO Business Credit Product x $3500 in commissions = $17,500. Goal? All reps & staff to qualify for 6 incomes in profits in their own county media territory.

SmileRestore Loan & Media Syndication Consortium CEO 4 Tools

Like Uber, we use Tesla Robo-Taxis. Like airbnb, we license rooms in church fellowship halls as dental clinics. We use the same church parking lot for a mobile dental clinic. Like Netflix we provide on-demand webinar programs. Like How Money Works financial literacy education, Simms & Chase applies HowFinanceWorks.media finance literacy. These 4 of 50 Proven Tools Applied To Smile Restore Loan & Media.


SmileRestore Loan & Media Syndication Consortium adds...

NorthAmerican Bancard Professional Marketing Reps per county media territory will promote Smile Restore.


Smile Restore Loan and Media Syndicated Consortium contracts marketing reps for $150 processing fee to represent all of our companies, like North American Bancard, & other firms, such as mobile dental unit

Rural & Community Dental & Health Mobile Clinics from church fellowship halls to rural church parking lots.


One Mobile Dental Unit per county territory will be paid for by $300,000 commissions from CCTG Bank Loan Syndication Referrals. Each mobile dental unit will be provided to an established dental practice that Chase Dental Finance acquires and prepares for a dentist pay off student loans. 


Transition Smile Restore To Duplicate AARP Model

Simms vision is to transition the Smile Restore Brand into a loan and media syndication consortium.

Kermit Simms as the CEO and Chief Visionary officer for Smile Restore Loan & Media Consortium membership organization, will progressively follow the proven 8 affiliate model tools used by the billionaire non-profit AARP, which has 8 affiliated organizations, including:

  • AARP Financial Services Corporation, a for-profit corporation that holds AARP's real estate; (Smile Restore Loan & Media Consortium will do this.
  • AARP Insurance Plan, an organization that holds some of AARP's group health insurance policies; Smile Restore Loan & Media Consortium will too.
  • AARP Services, Inc., a for-profit corporation that provides quality control and research, Smile Restore Loan & Media Consortium will do this as well.
  • AARP Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit charity that helps people over age 50 who are at social and economic risk; it includes: Smile Restore will do this.
    • AARP Experience Corps, a 501c3 non-profit charity that encourages people over age 50 to mentor & tutor school children; SmileRestore also.
    • AARP Institute, a non-profit charity that holds some of AARP's charitable gift annuity funds; Smile Restore Loan & Media Syndication Consortium
  • Legal Counsel for the Elderly, a 501c3 non-profit charity that provides legal assistance to seniors in Washington, D. C.[22][23]

Why? A Membership organization for Smile Restore Loan and Media Syndication? Because it is a proven model of a billionaire non-profit, operating as the 8 AARP affiliates. 

Because of AARP's sizable membership, it is able to generate its own income without being dependent on government grants or private donors, though it receives help from both of these for specific programs. According to its 2015 Consolidated Financial Statement, the largest sources of income were:

  • royalties for the rights to use AARP's intellectual property (name, logo, etc.) paid by commercial providers of products, services and discounts for AARP members ($838,649,000); Smile Restore Loan & Media Consortium vision.
  • membership dues ($295,180,000); Smile Restore Loan & Media Consortium mission to build an extremely large mobile church membership organization. 
  • advertisements placed in its publications ($149,604,000).[24] Dr. Georgene Chase and many affiliates has collegues in many industries to share content.
  • So what if the Tesla Robo-taxi model income does not really work out for members. Smile Restore Loan & Media Syndication Consortium has many other tools to apply to the mission of increasing the profitability of dentists & ministers non-profit & for profit entities, while share profits with its members. 

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Loan Syndication Consortium Income 1.

The large commissions from CCTG Generated leads produce $300,000+ Commission per county territory to pay cash for setting up dental clinics and mobile dental units for church parking lots, or Tesla Robot-taxi fleets Fleets or downpayments for Dr. Chase to buy established dental practices. 

Loan CCTG loan syndication type commissions are provided to you, as a dental partner in the Chase Dental Practive Transitions firm from your CEO's $17,500 Consortium membership fee. 

Relax, these multiple income streams continue even in event the Tesla Robo-taxis are not launched when, as shared, in Elon Musk's video.

The $17,500 membership fee include business credit and shared access to CCTG $300,000+ Loan Syndication commissions per county territory, to pay cash for each county set-up, 

$300,000+ Commissions per transaction per county territory.

What is CCTG Loan Syndication Commissions?

A. You still earn $3500 per person you refer to CEO. 

B. You still earn CCTG Loan Syndication Commission. 

C. You (Later) earn Media Syndication Commissions.

D. You share in incomes for mobile dental clinics.

E. you share in practice financing & acquisitions. 

NorthAmerican Bancard Agents Income

Smile Restore Loan and Media Sndicated Consortium is an official independent sales organization of Northamerican Bancard.

Our reps will earn both the $3500 referral commission per dentist and minister they refer, but will also be empowered to provide our unique marketing to provide the ATMS, Cash Registers and credit card processing products and service of NorthAmerican Bancard and their state of art on-line University.

Digital Healthcare Follow Up

Smile Restore Loan & Media Consortium CEO Kermit Simms Vision and mission is to bring the most advanced level of artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning, 3d-printing and labor cost reduction strategies through state of the art technology, applies to all dental practices we buy. 

Smile Restore Loan & Media promotes Digital Employees to all

Smile Restore Loan and Media syndication Consortium sales distribute Digital Employees to all fields. 

About Us

Finance Marketing Income & Slaes Leads

Smile Restore Loan & Media Markting Package is set up for your group by media territories included in your $17,500 membership & $350 per monthly Shared Staffing fees.

Digital Human Staffing (to be added, later free of charges).

SmileRestore loan and Media will, in phase three, launch virtual Zero Emissions Virtual Car dealerships, in each county media territory with Digital Employees like Jamie does for Chrysler. 

@ www.altazeroemissions.com



Additional Information

Refer 5 dentists or healthcare pros with high student loan debt balances, earn $3500 x 5 = $17,500. 

Once they buy CEO $6497 Business Credit, Loan & Media Tool, and refer 5 other dentist or ministers to CEO, you will earn $17,500.

You too earn a $3500 referral commissions x 5 dentist = $17,500. 

Why join Chase? To earn $17,500 & three Professionally Managed incomes to prepared to pay off dental loans or buy 6 Robo-taxis.   

For now, refer 5 dentists & ministers to SmileRestore Loan and Media Syndication Consortium business credit to earn $17,500.

Earn $17,500 now. How? Refer 5 others @ CEO's $6497 Program.

Pay $6497 to become member of SmileRestore business credit, loan & media syndication consortium. Then earn 3 more incomes.

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This is a content preview space you can use to get your audience interested in what you have to say so they can’t wait to learn and read more. Pull out the most interesting detail that appears on the page and write it here.