Other Medical Professionals joined CCTG as graduate Simms.

All Healthcare Professionals Skills can be enhanced with Medical Finance Skills.

CCTG Graduate Kermit Simms is E-STEM 8 CEO Unite Health Pros

Some medpros paid $25,500+ for CCTG Training Programs.

CCTG's Mr. Simms' $150 Assessment Program.

You pay $150 to CEO for finders fee & referral program. 

Refer to $5700 Tools of 50 Billionaire Tools. Earn $3500.

KC Cousin contracted with CCTG Graduate Kermit Simms.

You refer 12 folks to $5700 program. Earn $42,000.

A. Do you want to:

  • Get out of debt? You must earn more income.
  • Earn $3500 x 12 = $42,000.
  • Earn $2400 per mo?  Pay on mortgage payments.
  • Earn big lending commissions?  To pay off your mortgage.

Advanced Medical Finance Skills For Life Income

1st Earn Medical Finance Skills For Life Alumni Income

1. Stop Putting Money In 401k.

2. Earn $3500 to refer $5700 product.

2. Earn $3500 referral x 12 = $42,000.

4. Use $42,000 to Pay off credit cards & car.

5. Just Do Jesus (Enroll 12 in E-STEM 8).

6.Receive $200 per mo x 12 folks = $2400 mo.

7. $2400 per mo? Pay on your mortgage payment.

8. Refer E-STEM 8's SONDAY School Alternative CCTG loans. 

E-STEM 8's Advanced CCTG commissions pay off your home.

Add MAAS. 

MAAS 1 = Mobility As A Service@Open Motors

B. MAAS = Manufacturing As A Service

MAAS 2 = Manufacturing As A Service @ Open Motors CEO


MAAS 3: Media As A Service @ MUVI 

MUVI used to promote Healthcare Staffing of Digital Humans.

MAAS 4: Medicine As A Service @ Soul Machines.

Digital Healthcare Programs Live Stream broadcasts by MEVO.

MAAS 5: MEVO As A Service

MEVO Media Program Promote MAAS 3 Mutual Fund Alternatives.

MAAS 6: A. Mutual Funds (401K) As A Service

MAAS = Messages As A Service

MAAS 7: B. Messages As A Service

E-STEM 8 MAAS Components Replaces the 401k

MAAS 8: C. Mobility Management As A Service. Professionally.

The all MAAS are Live Stream Broadcast to Personal Seats.

A. Are you a student or alumni of Medical Skills for Life Institute? 

If so, pre-qualify for E-STEM's 8 MAAS Programs.

 If you qualify, you may be awarded:

  • up to $7,000 Cash, Benefits or Tuition Reimbursements; 

(even if you paid no tuition yourself to Medical Skills).

  • The $7,000 tuition reimbursement is awarded to you too, if you qualify.

  • You are granted $7,000 support along with your Personal Seat License.

  • But, you will be granted the $7,000 benefits, 

only if you qualify for a personal seat license.

E-STEM 8 CEO's Personal Seat License is more like Oprah's "You Get A Car".

CCTG Graduate Kermit Simms ' Youth Shall Lend Team

The 1st 600 Medical Skills For Life Institute Alumni and 5 Youth = 3,000 LV Youth.

The goal? The 3,000 Las Vegas Youth, as appointed by 600 Medical Skills For Life Institute Alumni, together will co-sponsor an annual:

 E-STEM 8's "How Medical Finance Works" Youth Conference.

Mission? Expose Medical Skills for Life Institute alumni & youth to CCTG reps.

Request E-STEM 8: Official Music, Money & Meal Session Info.

If interested, you must first call CEO Kermit Simms @ 678-559-8747 for personal telephone interview. Set an appointment to come to Sun City Interview. But 1st sign up for our newsletter!

Medical Finance Skills for Life CEO's Clients Receive E-STEM 8 Family & 4 Media Incomes for $5700.

Kermit Simms CCTG Graduate to upgrade to Platinum Package

CCTG Graduate Simms to upgrade basic CCTG package to CCTG $70,000 Platinum.