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How Money Works is outlined in this video.

How Farm Land Works

SONDAY Syndication CEO will use MUST Media & Mobility to promote Solar Farms.

Bank Loan Syndication for SONDAY Syndication CEO Partners


CCTG Graduate, SONDAY Syndication CEO is licensing Media & Virtual Digital Dealership Personal Seat Licenses to each of 16 Nevada states & 50 in CA 1 in each of 50 states.

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1st 16 Personal seat License purchasers who enroll 5, are also granted 1 of 50 state territories to earn $42,000x2

The second Live stream broadcast studio audience seat and media syndication territory income of $42,000 is applied to a partnership for you in Farmers Daughter's Virtual Dealerships and SONDAY Syndication media entertainment facilities & solar farms.


1 Personal Seat License is sold@ $70,000 x 1 business lobby in the capital city in each of 50 state territories.

The mission is  to successfully sell a total of 70 Personal Seat licenses to SONDAY Syndication Live Stream Broadcast Studio Audience Podcast to each business lobby located in each of 16 Nevada counties &  each of the 50 TV's located in each of the 50 capital cities in each of the designated state business lobbies.

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SONDAY Syndication CEO Founder-SmileRestore CCTG Loan & Media Consortium Proto type of Reno, Nevada.

Smile Restore loan & media syndication consortium prototype is an authorized Distributor of SONDAY School Alternative. Dr Georgene Chase MPH, a Certified Home Economist has licensed SONDAY School Alternative to develop her home & professional scope by Franchise development of Smile Restore. now a financial, loan & media marketing & promotional firm for Tesla Driverless Vehicles & Robots as alternatives to traditional financial products. She DBA Chase Dental Finance Group. CEO Pastor Kermit Simms

How Finance Tools for Loan & Media

5365 Mae Anne Avenue, Suite B1, Reno, Nevada 89523, United States


Chase Dental Finance Group is a marketing & Promotional agency for Tesla Driverless vehicles, Digital Employees & these companies 

  • Raintree sales, Fortune Management, 
  • Epcon Franchises and 
  • commercial builders franchises 
  • ACN Communications. 

Her practice strategy is designed to supplement incomes for employees of non-profits and assist students with high financial aid debts to pay off Student loans with commercial loan syndication commissions. 

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