Chase Dental Practice Transitions Consultant

1. While working and being trained in one of Dr. Chase financed, acquired & professionally managed dental practices, prepare your business credit, to become a part-owner of a Chase brand Dental Health Practice.

2. Or Work where you want to work, while we position your business credit to prepare you for both incomes:

Just pay $17,500 Business Credit & Commercial Loan & Media basic member of Smile Restore Loan & Media Syndication Consortium. 

Smile Restore Loan & Media Program is lead by CCTG Graduate, "DR. TRIBE" Kermit Simms, for Georgene Chase, DDS.  

A. Prepare to share $300,000 bank loan commissions to pay off up to $300,000 dental school student loans. 

B. Prepare to earn $300,000 to pay cash @ $50,000 each for your fleet of 6 Tesla Robo-taxis to generate income of $30,000 per car x 6 = $180,000 yr income.