HowFinance Works.Media & Mobile Ministry has no buildings.

MUST-Media Tools finance: a family, a salon, a church, a choir, cars, fleets of cars, fleets of Telsa cars, real estate, healthcare, businesses or franchises by applying:


SONDAY Syndication CEO's Podcasts to TV's generate $42,000.

SONDAY Syndication CEO Kermit Simms' $17,500 Personal Seat License to his Studio Audience & Podcasts  positions you to earn $42,000 per broadcast syndication session. Podcast reaches a TV in a home, church, farm or business lobby in territory. 

The tool of syndication is used in promotional programs by many TV Shows. 

The 1st black female billionaire tool? Oprah Winfrey's TV Show was Media Syndication.

A person sitting in a studio audience seat of Oprah Winfrey Show 

was granted a car, not "$42,000"

SONDAY Syndication applies 4 type tools to pay rep $42,000.

Kermit Simms is a good person.

SONDAY Syndication CEO's Combined Live Stream Broadcast Studio Personal Seat License, Podcast & Territory


1st 16 pay $17,500 & $350 mo MUST Media Personal Seat License to CEO Live Stream Broadcast Studio Audience.

The PSL Pays to each buyer $3500 x 12 clients = $42,000 income from enrollment in CEO SONDAY business credit, finance & media syndication product by Live Stream Broadcast Studio Audience sessions. CEO is now pre-selling $17,500 Personal Seat Licenses to his MUST Media & Live Stream Broadcast Studio Audience for CEO's Podcast into TVs in homes, farms, churches & owners of business lobbies. TV Promos enroll 12 clients = $42,000 income per podcast broadcast into your designated TVs & media territory.  


MUST Media enroll 4 groups of 12 sales professionals by Live Stream Broadcast in 16 NV & 50 St PSL TV territories

Each of 1st 50 State territory licenses must pay $70,000 for rights to a staff media territory. If not pay, each can qualify by buying a $17,500 Personal Seat License to studio audience seat & enroll 5 others to earn $3500 x 5 = their $17,500 paid, returned by referral income. This generates $70,000 to Pay or earn the $70,000 investment required for the state rights to the $42,000 per broadcast podcast distribution & certification of SONDAY School Alternative reps & Live Stream Broadcasts into Lobby TV @eVest   

SONDAY Syndication & MUST Media TVs @ Evest Technology

SONDAY Syndication & MUST Media & Mobility Reps can also 

earn $42,000 by selling (12) of $17,500 PSLs & $350 mo combos:

  • SONDAY School Alternative Product.
  • Live Stream Broadcast Media Territories

CEO sells businesses & franchises by TV's in homes & business lobbies 

to earn income from 12 clients:

  • $42,000 in referral income to pay cash for Tesla Cybertruck for owner.
  • $42,000 in referral income@office lobby TV to pay $42,000 yr to staff.
  • $42,000 income to Rep.

Sold by MOOD Media & Mobility Lobby TV Promos

How Finance Works? Media Syndication & Capital Syndication.

For rep to earn $3500 per referral, SONDAY Syndication CEO Live Stream broadcast Podcast certifies "pastors" of homes & owners of business lobbies & land.

CEO Live Stream Broadcast Studio team to transfer some of $29 trillion 

  • low interest saving accounts to buy Teslas:
  • underfunded 401k, IRA & mutual funds to buy Teslas:
  • equity in homes to buy Teslas:

SONDAY Syndication member earn Teslas by Monetizing Underutilized Space & Tools by Live Stream to TVs in a home, church, business lobby & farm @ EVest.

SONDAY Syndication of Capital & Real Estate

SONDAY Syndication CEO empowers MUST Media & Mobility $6497 marketing reps to become Consultants & media promoter of both:


SONDAY Syndication CEO certified MUST reps also promote the developers of both

SONDAY Syndication CEO shares his CCTG bank loan syndication commissions with his certified MUST Media reps. Commissions like in CCTG video.

CCTG $99,000 Program CEO shared commissions is sold by CEO.

$17,500 Personal Seat License Territory finances Cybertruck

Pay $17,500 PSL to Get $42,000 Territory Income from your 12 member team.

Refer 5 clients @ $17,500 & $350 mo ea = $70,000 to buy State Rt to earn $42,000 x 2.

Refer 5 clients @ $17,500 & $350 mo ea = $70,000 to buy State Rt to earn $42,000 x 2.


Once you pay $17,500 for a personal seat license (CCTG Partner) & $350 per month to MUST Media & Mobility Digital Employee Staff & HQS Sales Staff. 

Refer 5 clients @ $17,500 & $350 mo ea = $70,000 to buy State Rt to earn $42,000 x 2.

Refer 5 clients @ $17,500 & $350 mo ea = $70,000 to buy State Rt to earn $42,000 x 2.

Refer 5 clients @ $17,500 & $350 mo ea = $70,000 to buy State Rt to earn $42,000 x 2.


Once you enroll 5 people, you will have earned your $17,500 back, only then will you be placed over the 1st 50 State territories to earn another $42,000 & your access to CCTG Loan syndication commission

CEO's Podcast to TV's in homes & businesses earn the $42,000

SONDAY Syndication reps Monetize Underutilized Space & Tools

The 4 Case Studies HowFinanceWorks.Media CEO utilizes.

  1. UBER has no cars. Podcasts promote Teslas to earn the $42,000. 
  2. Airbnb has no rooms. Podcasts refer Media to home & business owner lobby TV 
  3. Netflix has no cinemas. CEO Podcasts pays you to study 5200+ courses@Home.
  4. How Money Works is case study for How Finance Works.

SONDAY Syndication CEO Simms @ Deut 15:6 "You Shall Lend".

4 things you must know to apply 50 Tools of Billionaires:

How Finance Works.Media's Kermit Simms personal case study for ministry?  

A tool of 1 of 12 Black Billionaires. 

He applied tool to Just Do Jesus Mobile Ministry & SONDAY School Alternative product.  

Robert F. Smith is black private equity financier of 250+ Software development companies. 

Private Equity, commercial loan syndication & Investment banking is lending. 

MUST is Loan & Media Network of business lobbies & churches.

1st Black male billionaire Bob Johnson built & sold BET @ Black Entertainment TV. How Finance Works' MUST is a loan & media network for "pastors" @ home & business lobbies.

Media & Tools of 50 billionaires = your 8 incomes @ Ecc 11:2

Why do we have a Tesla Sign Hanging in each office lobby?

It is just one Tool of 50 Billionaires in our Tesla Promotion program. 

We build business credit of 12 clients over 2 yrs to buy a fleet of 3 Tesla Robo-Taxis with no financials to earn $60,000 per yr income.

In 2 yrs, 12 clients sign their name & then earn $30,000 per year income x 3 Robotaxis = $90,000 year income. One robotaxi makes payments on all 3 Taxis = $60,000 per year net Robotic Income.

Do you earn $60,000 yr working now?  But. you must work for it?

Want to prepare to earn it not working?

One CCTG Loan Syndication loan commission can fund buying a $300,000 fleet of 6 Tesla Robo-Taxis  t

Earn $150,000+ commissions from CCTG Platinum Elite program to buy 3 Robo-taxis. $30,000 yr x 3 Tesla Taxis = $90,000 yr Income - $30,000 from 1 Robotaxi income pays expenses & payments on all 3 taxis = $60,000 net income. For $6497 we prepare clients business credit to buy 3 Taxis.

For $17,500, you share up to $150,000 CCTG commissions CEO loans you for 3 Robo-Taxis x $30,000 inco

#1. Robo-Taxi Ride-Sharing App manages income. The Robo-taxi to launch in 2021. Prepare business credit now to borrow $150,000 in 1-2 yrs to buy 3 Tesla Robotaxis to create $60,000 yrly income.


#2. Earn $60,000 yrly net Robo-Taxis income in 2 yrs with business credit & earn $300,000+ in CCTG bank loan commissions to buy 1 $200,000 Tesla Semi to create $200,000 yrly income

SONDAY Syndication CEO is Film Broker for Stan Foster Media


Stan Foster Website Below

See Stan Foster Information @ Website.


Director Stan Foster

Stan is a Film Director, Writer & Producer 


A Film Broker

Kermit Simms is Pastor, CCTG & Franchise Broker

SONDAY Syndication's Diversification SVS to clients by Media

SONDAY School Alternative uses Syndication tools:

to Diversify products sold to clients by MUST TV @ Mood Media.

MUST reps & TV promote MOOD Media Products & SVS.

SONDAY School Alternative Package is:

MUST Media Monetizes Underutilized Space & Tools of a:

  • home 
  • church 
  • NPO
  • Farm

by Business lobby TVs. 

MUST reps are insurance agents, tax offices, real estate agents & members.

Reps consult, sell & finance firms & franchises by Apps or MUVI TV

SONDAY SYNDICATION is done by MUST Media & Mobility Reps

MUST Media & Mobility sales reps, act as both the physical, actual highly paid boots on the ground & SONDAY Live stream broadcasts studio audience members. Each rep gets paid $42,000 per Podcast as promotional fees for successfully reaching 12 clients by TV's in homes, farms, dealerships, churches, health, franchises or any traditional business lobbies.

SONDAY Syndication CEO is Executive Partner with Universal Changemakers, series llc-l3c  

SONDAY Syndication local sales reps host TVs in Lobbies.

Universal Changemakers Consultants empower organizations' members to finance, produce & distribute all of their produced content globally, such as Big Orange Project.


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