E-STEM 8 Is An ndependent Marketing & Robotic Staffing Firm.

E-STEM 8 Brings:

  • Capital
  • Artificial Intelligence Staffing 
  • Technology 

We produce media incomes for clients.

Our referral reps earn 8 Math Incomes from:

1. Money A - Finance Literacy.

2. Money B - Financial Literacy.

3. Money C - Mom's Home Economics.

4. Money D - Ministry 501c Model  @ AARP.

5. Music - Sonic health: Increases musicians income. 

6. Mobility As A Service: Logistics

7. Mergers (bring teams together).

8. Medical: Digital Health, Genetics, Cellular.

E-STEM 8 is Mutual Fund-Like Digital Staffing.

E-STEM 8 Moves Mutual Funds to A Digital Staff Territory

$35,000 is Average Mutual Fund Balance


$35,000 is the average 401k retirement account balance in the United States. At age 65, the average retirement balance is under $200,000. Even $200,000 is not enough money to retire on. Why? It takes $1 million sitting in a bank paying you 10% interest yearly to retire. But don't touch the money. But, no bank pays 10% interest. So, invest underfunded 401k back into your family. 

E-STEM Clients move $5700 to your family.


Why? The 401k is not truly a retirement account. The balances amounts are so low, the 401k usually will never be enough to retire you or even 90% of the people. There is over $5 trillion just sitting in 401k accounts, underfunded. Move it.

E-STEM 8 CEO says "Move $5700 Pay $5700 for family & 5 youth. Move $17,500+ to E-STEM 8 Live Stream Broadcast County Media Territory.

E-STEM 8 Clients Stop $350+ Month to 401k


E-STEM 8 CEO strongly suggest clients with underfunded 401k balances, stop putting money in their 401k accounts at work (for 2 years). Then re-invest $350 per month in professional Staffing Management of your Digital Employees working county live stream broadcast territory. Refer 12 clients, who pay also $350 per month staffing fee, you earn $200 per month income.

From $35,000 move of underfunded 401k $5700 to E-STEM 8.


Also become a commercial lending referral rep for CCTG Graduate, Kermit Simms. You earn $3500 per $5700 client you refer to E-STEM 8 sessions. Refer 12 clients. Earn up to $42,000.

From $5700 referrals, to E-STEM 8 Program you will earn $3500.


Everyone home, every youth, every one should earn money by moving money. Not just banks,. Not just insurance agents. All now earn $3500 referring people to move their own 401k money.

Refer two others, earn $7,000\returns $5700. Then refer more to us.


E-STEM 8 was designed from the ground up to move trillions of dollars of people money from underfunded 401k back into their own homes for use by their own families. With fast returns.

E-STEM 8 is an environmentally conscious marketing firm.


  • capitalizes, 
  • staffs digital employees
  • provides media technology 

Our clients are environmentally conscious, science, technology, engineering & math. 

Focus? Mobility as a service & emissions. 

E-STEM 8 uses Live Stream Broadcasts, PPV, VOD to develop our clients' firms.  

We manage clients by territories by Digital Employees for $5700+ & $350 per mo.

A client's home expenses, physical health, family's mental & emotional health is where we begin. 

E-STEM 8 focus? Digital Employee Staffing.


CCTG Graduate, Kermit Simms is creator & developer of E-STEM 8 Capital System.

E-STEM 8 System is a territory staffing & management firm for commercial lending referral reps.

Our Referral reps are like a rail-road track for a high speed train of multi-media jobs for artificial intelligence infused Digital Capital & Digital Health firms.

E-STEM 8 professionally manages clients artificial intelligent incomes from Digital Staff to transport music, people, money, freight or staff driverless vehicles.  

"Edit" is example of technology E-STEM 8 promotes to clients

E-STEM 8 Staffing to manage all types of autonomous vehicles like the coming Open Motors "Edit". Our staff professionally manages for clients strategies to fund traditional financial products, like mutual funds, insurance & mortgage payments.

Rapid movement of money, freight & people? Key to progress.

How? Client buys two autonomous vehicles (driverless) like the coming Open Motors "Edit" Cars or others. E-STEM 8 Staff manages them with Digital Employees.

The 2 cars earn for seniors passive income of $50,000 x 2 = $100,000 per year for retirement to buy; 

1. Mutual Fund Alternative. For passive retirement income.

2. Home Mortgage Alternative. A source to pay your monthly bills. 

3. Insurance Alternative. A source to pay life insurance premiums:

For example, a Long Term Care Payment Alternative. 

E-STEM 8 reps fund high speed rail for senior health & care.

The car manufacturing industry united and stopped the high speed rail's growth. 

Soon all cars, as well as all vehicles, in the logistics industry will have no drivers.

E-STEM 8 referral reps provide high incomes to senior care workers, veterans, drivers with jobs to be eliminated by the coming artificial intelligence surge.

Mobility as a service, collectively, as an industry, will soon move virtually

everything, from data, money, freight and people with reduced or no people.

Mobility as the service to help eliminates 800 million jobs.

Blockchain, 5G and artificial intelligence will not only eliminate jobs for drivers.

In addition to technology eliminating drivers jobs, but, many other industries also.

Healthcare & medical will experience some job loss as well.

Ai Digital technology will impact healthcare & medical Industries with both: 

1. Job loss

2. Job gains. 

Ai Technology jobs are new high speed rails, progressively moving incomes at higher speeds of $3500 per referral, possibly, daily. 

E-STEM 8 reps promote personalized wellness (preventative) & personalized medicine (remedial) in Both Digital Capital and Digital Healthcare industries.

E-STEM 8 Referral reps, for example, to provide professional staffing services for Digital Healthcare Industry.

Digital Healthcare will move rapidly patient care globally.

E-STEM 8 is now licensing county sales territories to client for Digital Staffing Firms to provide Digital Healthcare, mobility as a service and business capital solutions. 

Personalized Medicine and Personal Wellness is the new high speed rail-road system for staffing our client's digital wealth, but with a dual focus on digital health.

E-STEM 8 Capital for Digital Wealth and Wellness Staffing.

E-STEM 8 provides Digital Healthcare Staffing Solutions for clients who want to Digitize themselves and earn passive income from staffing of digital employees.

Digitalize Yourself? This will be more common form of personalized wellness.

Digital Healthcare To Merge With Medical Finance.

Medical Skills For Life Institute Students and alumni are invited to join CCTG Graduate Kermit Simms in establishing Medical Finance Conference in Las Vegas.

Mr. Simms will lead the establishment of an annual conference with CCTG Graduaates in Las Vegas of emerging Digital Capital and Digital Health Industries

1st 600 Medical Skills for Life Alumni Refer 5 Youth.

Medical Skills for Life Alumni are invited to become E-STEM 8 referral reps of CCTG Graduate Kermit Simms new firm, Medical Finance Skills for Life.media.

CCTG Vast Commercial Lending Program reduced to technology.

E-STEM 8 Founder, as a CCTG graduate, has reduced the complex commercial lending industry and processes down to a more manageable mobile technology.

Our brokers and referral reps will be able to harness the power of  COMMLOAN. 

This Technology to be used by 600 Medical alumni and 5 LV mobile savvy youth. 

E-STEM 8 Team simplified commercial loans using common..

E-STEM Team has simplified both commercial loans and promotes the power of reverse mortgages and other home mortgage loans promoting Rocket Mortgage.

E-STEM 8 braintrust: The Future of Artificial Intelligence.

5G, Artificial Intellligence, Internet of Things plus leads.

E-STEM 8 is both A Corporate & A Faith-Based Firm.

A. howfinanceworks.media Corporate is an artificial intelligence and internet of things approach to healthcare & finance.

How Finance Works Builds Families To Offer Artificial Intelligence & Digital Employee Consulting.
For $150 fee, Become A Referral Rep

howfinanceworks.media offer a Faith-Based Referral Reps' program called SONDAY School Alternative & Celebrate recovery.


$5700 To hold E-STEM 8 County territory. Finance @ $350 mo.

All E-STEM 8 reps will be contracted with CCTG Graduate Kermit Simms firm @ only $150 assessment fee and $50 per month, if you live in the Las Vegas area, Mission? Enroll 3,000 referral reps Las Vegas.

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1st 600 Las Vegas Referral Reps enrolled


Each of 600 refer 5 LV youth = 3,000 Youth.


600 reps & 3,000 y@ Hard Rock Hotel


600 operate E-STEM 8 Las Vegas conference management firm for 3,000 E-STEM Youth.


3,000 Seats in Hard Rock Hotel Session is for Youth as the LV Live Stream Audience


In each of the 3,000 County Territories, 20 receive Live Stream of E-STEM 8 Licensing.