Just Do Jesus Choir distributes SONDAY School Alternative

SONDAY School Alternative provides finance literacy @ home. CEO-Pastor Kermit Simms applies these 4 case studies to Just Do Jesus Mobile Ministry. 

MUST Media & Loan Personal Seat License & Livestream Broadcast Syndication sponsor of JDJ Choir.

MUST = Monetizing Underutilized Space & Tools of a business lobby or a "pastor" @home's SONDAY School Alternative.

How Finance Works? A business lobby & church media ministry. Monetizing Underutilized Space & Tools

4 Case Studies for HowFinanceWorks.Media & Ministry.

  1. UBER has no cars. We promote Tesla & earn income for members. 
  2. Airbnb has no rooms. Members & choirs refer MUST Media to business lobbies. 
  3. Netflix has no cinemas. We offer 5200 SONDAY School Alternative courses@Home. 
  4. How Money Works is case study for How Finance Works.

Mission: Build Strong Homes. Generate income for JDJ members


1. Just Do Jesus' SONDAY Funds Homes of Members.

JDJ Members certified by CEO's Live Stream Broadcast to homes his SONDAY School Alternative.


  • 1. This is a faithful saying: If a man desires the position of a SONDAY School alternative Host, he desires a good work. 

  • 2. A Host then must be of good behavior, hospitable, able to teach by sharing SONDAY School Alternative;

  • 4. one who rules his own house well, having his children in submission with all reverence.


  • 5. (for if a man does not know how to rule his own house, how will he take care of the church of God?);

  •  7. Moreover he must have a good testimony (Both his\her personal credit & Business credit is strong).

  •  A good name among those outside of the church.


2. Just Do Jesus CEO Create Passive income for member

  • 2: Timothy 2:2 - The things which you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, entrust these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also. = Just do Jesus. You Refer 12 Apostles. 

  • When you refer 12 Apostles to our MUST Media Office Lobby Program, you will earn $3500 per person x 12 = $42,000 to pay for Tesla Cybertruck.

  • 4. No soldier in active service entangles himself in the affairs of everyday life, so that he may please the one who enlisted him as a soldier. 

Passive Income from driverless Teslas & Digital DNA Studio Robots free JDJ members & choir to be paid to teach through SONDAY School Alternative & do the work of mobile evangelism. 


3. Free Members to do work of evangelist & pay to teach.

1 Corinthians 9:13-14 - 13. Do ye not know that they which minister about holy things live of the things of the temple? and they which wait at the altar are partakers with the altar? 

14. ISOMO = "Even so hath "the Lord ordained" that they which preach the gospel should live of the gospel (be paid to reach truth) 

"A man is worthy of his pay". Pastor Simms mission is for all members, including non-paid church members, choir members, volunteers in nonprofits are paid well. Profit of the earth is for all. 

How? Members Refer  clients to SONDAY School Alternative as a Home Mortgage Alternative & Mutual Fund Alternative.

We must teach truth that transfers $29 trillion pool of money: 

  • transfer low interest bank accounts to buy Teslas. 
  • transfer underfunded IRA\401k account to buy Tesla
  • transfer home equity to buy Tesla Semi-trucks. 

Pastor Simms certifies for $150 JDJ members who attend Participating MUST Media Sessions at either a:

  •  pre-scheduled MUST Media Office Lobby Session or  
  • prescheduled SONDAY School Alternative Sessions.

  • $100 covers your case study website @ How Money works (you can also enroll 5 youth in this program).

  • $50 provides you a 2 3 hour How Finance Works meal &  ministry & tour of i@ How Finance Works. 


The $150 certification by Live Stream Broadcast from Pastor Simms Home Based Live Stream Podcast Broadcast Studio audience seats to Just Do Jesus Mobile members & choir. 

All members who wish to earn $3500 per referral of office lobbies or home locations, must first attend only once on a Saturday or SONDAY School Alternative 8 Hour Pastor CCTG & MUST Media Certification Session. The $150 you pay covers session below.

An 6 hr session "How to earn 8 incomes on your mobile phone". 

CEO Session shares agreement to receive $2400 mo Ministers Housing Allowance to Host SONDAY School Alternative @ home.  

Just Do Jesus Pastor Kermit Simms apply best business tools.

Kermit Simms is a good person.

Washoe Valley Community Live Stream Broadcast Studio

The home of SONDAY Syndication of MUST Media & Mobility Zero Emissions International Headquarters.


50 buy $17,500 & $350 mo MUST Media Personal Seat License to the Live Stream Broadcast studio audience.

The Pastor Kermit Simms is in the process of contracting 50 Life Insurance agents from his home @ $17,500 & $350 per month. as the Live Stream Broadcast Syndication Studio Audience team.

50 Insurance agents will audience will enroll 1 SONDAY School Alternatives team to 1 MUST Media business lobby or SONDAY church group of 12 generates for agent PSL $3500 x 12 = $42,000. 

The goal for each insurance agent is to be one of the first 16 agents who refers 3 clients @ $17,500 & $350 per month, to be granted 1 of MUST 50 State Live Stream Broadcast Territories 


MUST Media to enroll 16 Min of Music Choir committees by Live Stream Broadcast in 16 NV/50 St. PSL territories.

Pastor Simms will enroll RENO's 16 life insurance agents @ his home based Podcast Studio Audience Facility. The first 16 agents who successfully enroll 3 Reno agents each = 48 agents + Georgene Chase, DDS & Bryon Team & Angie & Ken Hines team = 5o State Territory licensees. Pastors brings from home 50 agents  @ $17,500 & $350 per mo = $875,000 to personally fund setting up loan & media broadcast syndication MUST Live Stream Facility.

The 50 State territory qualifiers earn $3500 x 12 = $42,000 (Tesla) from 1\16 NV county & $42,000 from 1\50 State media territories. So $17,500 PSL & $350 mo returns $42,000x 2 = $84,000 income.

$17,500 Personal Seat License Territory finances Cybertruck

Pay $17,500 PSL to Get $42,000 Territory Income from your 16 member team.


Once you pay $17,500 for a personal seat license (CCTG Partner) & $350 per month to MUST Media & Mobility Digital Employee Staff & HQS Sales Staff. 

Refer 5 clients @ $17,500 & $350 mo ea = $70,000 to buy State Rt to earn $42,000 x 2.


Once you enroll 5 people, you will have earned your $17,500 back, only then will you be placed over the 1st 50 State territories to earn another $42,000 & your access to CCTG Loan syndication commission

SONDAY School Alternative of media & loan syndication income

The tool of 1st black female billionaire, Oprah Winfrey, was TV Program Media Syndication.

Pastor Kermit Simms Goal? Fulfill Eccl 11:2 "You Shall Lend"

Pastor Kermit Simms personal case study for ministry is a tool of 1 of 12 Black Billionaires he studied. He applied it to Just Do Jesus Mobile Ministry & SONDAY School Alternative.  

Robert F. Smith is a black private equity financier of over 250 Software development companies. Private Equity, commercial loan syndication & Investment banking is lending. 

The "Pastors" personal homes call to action!

MUST Media & Mobility licenses SONDAY School Alternative to ministers, ministers of music, choir members & healthcare professionals, "pastors" of homes & owners of TV in lobbies of business owners by Just Do Jesus Mobile Members & choir by mobile phone.  

HowFinance Works.Media Ministry has no worship buildings.

Pastor's MUST Media Tools finance a family, a church, a choir & a business by:


  • the best tools of education, 
  • the best tools of churches, 
  • the best tools of financial services.
  • the best tools of business finance\FINTECH.
  • the best tools & actions of Jesus.
  • the best tools of 50 of Billionaires. 

How Finance Works? Not borrowers tools. But lenders tools.

Just Do Jesus Community Choir is funded by Live Stream broadcast certification of

SONDAY School Alternative to "pastors" of homes. 

SONDAY Live Stream Broadcast Studio audience team to transfer some of $29 trillion of 

  • low interest saving accounts to buy Teslas:
  • underfunded 401k, IRA & mutual funds to buy Teslas:
  • equity in homes to buy Teslas:

Just Do Jesus & Choir members earn Teslas by MUST = Monetizing Underutilized Space & Tools by Live Stream into homes & business lobbies. Also earn loan income.

HMW case study applied by Pastor to CCTG $99,000 program.

MUST is Loan & Media Network of business lobbies & churches.

1st Black male billionaire Bob Johnson built & sold BET @ Black Entertainment TV. How Finance Works' MUST is a loan & media network for "pastors" @ home & business lobbies.

Media & Tools of 50 billionaires = your 8 incomes @ Ecc 11:2

SONDAY Syndication of Loan & Media to business lobbies.

SONDAY Syndication is a MUVI Internet Protocol TV DBA MUST Media. 

4th Tool of 50 Billionaires is to buy fleet of 6 Tesla Robo-Taxis to earn $180,000.

One CCTG Loan Syndication loan commission can fund buying a $300,000 fleet of 6 Tesla Robo-Taxis  t

Earn $300,000+ commissions from CCTG Platinum Elite program to buy 6 Robo-taxis. $30,000 yr x 6 Tesla Taxis = $180,000 yr Income pays off student loans or buy a practice.

For $17,500, you share up to $150,000 CCTG commissions CEO loans you for 3 Robo-Taxis x $30,000 inco

#1. Robo-Taxi Ride-Sharing App manages income. The Robo-taxi to launch in 2021. Prepare business credit now to borrow $150,000 in a year.


#2. $180,000 yr Robo-Taxis income in a year & earn $300,000+ in CCTG bank loan commissions. Just 2 of 50 billionaire tools of Simms


Above 4 companies use tools of industry digital disruption. Kermit Simms adds above 4 tools of 50 Billionaires tools to How Finance Loan & Media Syndication firm. SONDAY 8 income subsidy ministry has no church building.

image101 Pastor to pre-sell 50 $17,500 PSL to 50 Reno ins agents to fund the JDJ's MUST Media Livestream broadcast studio


SmileRestore CEO Georgene Chase is NV proto-type for MUST Media business lobby Media & Loan Syndication.

12 yrs ago, Pastor Kermit Simms set goal of choir financing.

He documented the vision to distribute a program to finance the choir ministry nationally. 

After 12 years of research & development, proto-types, technology advancements, Pastor will begin on with 16 committee members in Reno, to fulfill this goal of financing choirs.  

How? ISOMO Global Commercial Lending Group to sponsor

Now is time to Join Pastor Kermit Simms' Just Do Jesus Ministry vision for funding choirs.

Simms to build NV Territory + 1 church x 50 states. CA is next.


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