Duet 15:6 "You shall lend unto many nations'. Matt 28:19 "Go ye therefore, teach all nations". We teach international lending. Just Do Jesus Mobile Ministry Senior Pastor Kermit Simms licenses his global ministry alternative to local church leaders. Just like any other type college, Pastor Simms' Official SONDAY School Alternative operates its very own financial aid office. Simms' SONDAY School Alternative on-line financial aid office's non-church name is SONDAY "How Finance Works.media". The How Finance Works.media flagship product is the business itself: (business credit, commercial loans, media packages). Pastor Simms' $17,500 Flagship Product offers clients business credit set-up, commercial loans & media territory packages. Members' SONDAY business product sells for $6497. It is financed for $150 per mo for reps\members with approved credit. Simms' media territory business product sells for $17,500. Paid from savings, loan or a 401k, IRA Account tax-free rollover. How Finance Works.media Tesla program? Additional funding tool for 401k, IRA, mutual funds, IULs & mortgage payments. The $17,500 product is 1 year business credit preparation to qualify you to borrow $150,000 for fleet of 3 Tesla Robo-taxis. Borrow $150,000 to buy 3 Robo-taxis @ $50,000 each x 3 Robo-taxis earn $30,000 each x 3 cars = $90,000 per year income. The $30,000 income per year from 1 Robo-Taxis pay loan payments on all 3 Tesla leaves a net of $60,000 income per year. Or borrow or rollover tax-free $68,000 from 401k or IRA buy CCTG $68,000 commercial lending & Finance elite program. Over 2 years, you can earn $300,000 in CCTG bank loan syndication commissions to buy 6 Robo-taxis for $180,000 income. Simms licenses Tesla business credit set-up, commercial loans as one SONDAY Media Package to finance Chase Practices. 1 Chase Dental Practice Combo plus 1 rep, 1 dentist & 1 minister per county territory licenses SONDAY School Alternative.

1st Tool? Loan Syndication. Buy for $68,000. Earn $300,000+

Maybe you don't have $68,000 in savings, credit to borrow or have it in 401k or IRA?

No worries. There are other ways for you to share $300,000+ in loan commissions?


Attend Pastors $150 seminar you can refer three loan and media syndication programs.

  1. Basic Loan & Media Program is $6497. Use these program over one year to build your business credit to borrow $150,000 to buy a a brand new Fleet of 3 Tesla Robo-Taxis. Each generates $30,000 per year x 3 = $90,000 annually.
  2. Medium Level Loan and Media Program is $17,500. Use to buy a Live Stream Broadcast Studio Audience Seat and county loan and media broadcast syndication territory to earn a Tesla Model 3 for your personal use.
  3. Advanced level loan and media syndication program is $68,000. Use money to earn $300,000 loan commissions to buy a chase Dental Practice combo. 
  4. You can share $300,000 in loan syndication commissions to properly fund your underfunded 401k, IRA account, IUL, annuity products, or pay off your mortgage by earning $90,000 yearly from a fleet of 6 Tesla Robo-Taxis. 

Platinum Elite Level is $300,000+ commissions paid from referrals of Loan Syndication

How Finance Works? Not on borrowers side. On lenders sid

Think. There are two sides to every bank loan. Borrowers' side. Lenders' side. Loan syndication is top end of the lenders side.

The Borrow's side is car, student & mortgage loans. You pay interest. The Lenders side is loans of (OPM) other people's money. You can earn referral commissions from top end of the loan syndication side. 

To do this, Pastor Kermit Simms can attend his  $150 webinar nationally or attend his local $150 seminars in Reno. 

Both ways will put you on a track to the top of the lenders' side. 

So, you earn earn loan syndication commissions from banks too. 

You could earn $300,000+ commissions from banks on big loans. 

How? Pay $6497 to Learn "How Finance Works". 

or $17,500 for Live stream Media to earn 8 incomes from this truth.

The Bible states in Deut 15:6 

"You shall lend unto many nations, and not borrow". 

Only financially serious, seekers of truth on how finance works need to apply to either this $6497 or our top level $17,500 members' program. 

Why? Senior Pastor Kermit Simms of Just Do Jesus Mobile Ministry & Livestream Broadcast Studio Audience Seat & Loan and Media syndication County Territory Licensing program gives to you:

A Heads up! 

If you do not have $17,500 in cash, 401k or underfunded retirement accounts, nor do you have good credit to borrow $17,500. 

You really don't qualify for this Pastor Simms' membership program. 

1st. But you can earn $3500 per dentist or minister or sales rep you refer to Just Do Jesus Mobile & Live Stream Broadcast studio Ministry Pastor & CEO Simms business credit program @ bizcredit.

2nd. So, Refer 4 reps to CEO's $6497 Reno Marketing Reps Program & Product. You earn $3500 per person referred x 4 Reno people  = $17,500 commissions to qualify for this program to pay off home.

To earn the $3500 fee, you must personally invite a person to Pastors Simms Webinar or bring the person you are referring to Just Do Jesus Mobile Ministry loan & media syndication seminar session.

Call 678-559-8747 for webinar entry or call for directions to 

Pastor CEO Simms three seminar locations: 

  1. Dr Chase Reno Dentist finance Industry Office location on M-F for a personal 1 hour $150 seminar appointment.
  2. Washoe Valley Christian Church location Sat-Sun group $150 seminar Sessions. 
  3. Washoe Valley Horse Farm Residence Parent(s) & 5 Youth In Lending $150 Seminar Sessions.

Once you attend Pastor Simms Seminar session, you pay or qualify for your $17,500 loan & media Consortium membership. 

You will then be positioned for banks to pay you up to $300,000 in loan commissions or you to borrow $300,000 in business loans. How? 

From loan syndication deals in your protected loan & broadcast media territory or business credit to buy a Fleet of 6 Tesla Robo-taxis. 

How? You pay $17,500 to be a loan syndication consortium member & $350 mo for your professional staffing fee & media territory management. You will be positioned to receive up to $300,000 for your own personal commissions to buy a Chase Dental Practice from both media packages and loan syndication deals.


Apply 1st rule of Richest Family in World, Rothschilds.


You enter banking industry as a lender by territories. Next you place 5 Youth over their lending territory.

Rothchilds? You too earn commissions of $300,000+ per bank loan syndication deal by referrals from CCTG Lenders @ Commercial Lending Training Group. 

So buy the CCTG $68,000 Platinum Elite Program. Buy it personally or join our loan syndication team for $17,500 & $350 per month shared staffing fee. Relax, we professionally manage both loan & media for you. 

Dr. Chase Loan & Media Syndication Consortium certified Dentists join program for $17,500 & $350 mo. 

Smile Restore Loan & Media Syndication CEO Kermit Simms, a CCTG Graduate, professionally manages this CCTG Platinum bank loan syndication program for all. 

The $300,000 commissions is tool to pay off $300,000 in student loans or buy for $300,000 in commissions @ $50,000 each a personal fleet of 6 Tesla Robo-Taxis to position dentists to buy a Chase Dental Practice. 

These same strategy is licensed to Senior Richard Birmingham to be applied to his church facility.

SONDAY School Alternative media syndication income?

The first thing everyone needs to do is own their home. Period. If the economy crashes, at least you will have a place to stay to rebuild.

How? You can pay $68,000 and earn CCTG bank commissions to use to pay off a $300,000 home within 3 years with only one or two bank loan syndication commissions. Commissions paid to you by banks. 

If you don't have $68,000 to pay CCTG, you can prepare with $6497 over 1 year to borrow $17,500 to be member & buy into this program?

 Click Here.

What is 1 type of Pastor Simms' SONDAY School Alternative Income?

It is offered by Smile Restore Loan & Media Syndication Consortium.

Click here @ SONDAY Personal Seat License income tool? 

For $17,500 SONDAY School Alternative Loan & media Syndication Consortium members to receive a personal seat license in Pastor Simms LiveStream Broadcast Studio Audience Sessions and a loan and broadcast syndication county media Territory. (details in seminar). 


  • $17,500 SONDAY School Alternative members also receive a Broadcast Media Syndication Territory License.

A Just Do Jesus Mobile Ministry Combo Personal Seat License and as a combo, Official SONDAY School Alternative Live Stream Broadcast Media Studio Audience Seat & County Broadcast Syndication Media Territory Income can actually pay for you a brand new $42,000 Tesla Model 3 for only $17,500 for personal use. "You get a car".

1 Benefit to be a $157500 Smile Restore Syndicated Consortium Members? You get a car. You get a car. 

You get a $42,000 Tesla Model 3.

2nd Tool of 50 Billionaires is buy fleet of 6 Tesla Robo-Taxis to earn $180,000.

Earn $300,000+ commissions from CCTG Platinum Elite program to buy 6 Robo-taxis. $30,000 yr x 6 Tesla Taxis = $180,000 yr Income pays off student loans or buy a practice.

One CCTG Loan Syndication loan commission can fund buying a $300,000 fleet of 6 Tesla Robo-Taxis  t

#1. Robo-Taxi Ride-Sharing App manages income. The Robo-taxi to launch in 2021. Prepare business credit now to borrow $150,000 in a year.

For $17,500, you share up to $150,000 CCTG commissions CEO loans you for 3 Robo-Taxis x $30,000 inco

#2. $180,000 yr Robo-Taxis income in a year & earn $300,000+ in CCTG bank loan commissions. Just 2 of 50 billionaire tools of Simms


Pay $300,000 student debt or $300,000 to buy Dental Practice

$300,000 commissions to pay off $300,000 in student loans.

$300,000 commissions invested in a church fellowship hall.

$300,000 commissions invested in a dental practice you work. 

$300,000 cash to buy Tesla Robo-Taxis Fleet. No work needed.

How? Apply These Four Components.

Transactions? $300,000 commissions from banks on loans. 

Trademark Licensing to large bank loan commissions income.

Territory Rights to Live broadcast syndication media income.

Territory Rights & trademark on $300,000 loan commissions. 

Simms, DBA "Dr TRIBE". It stands for Digital Robotic Territory Rights Incomes Before Education or Employment.

Pastor Kermit Simms is the bank loan and media syndication territory rights licensing agent @ Just Do Jesus Trademark  

Pastor Simms licenses the Just Do Jesus trademark branding &  rights to up to $300,000 commissions of bank loan transactions & Live Stream Broadcast personal seat license rights & media packages for $17,500 per county or $68,000 per state territory.

Either of the two JDJ trademark territory rights & $300,000 bank loan transactions commissions & Media rights is offered to one dentist and one minister per county or 1 of 50 state territories.

Only 1 dentist & 1 minister is certified by Simms per territory.  

All dentists and ministers licensed certified by Pastor Simms by contract is to have applied by him the Tools of 50 Billionaires to $300,000 in bank loan transactions & Media territory packages. 

All dentists & ministers licensed a territory by Pastor Simms' must contract to apply tools of 50 billionaires to Just Do Jesus Trademarked Mobile Ministry & Live Stream Broadcast Studio Audience Facility strategies to sell loans & media packages.

Licensees of Just Do Jesus trademark as reps DBA as Washow Valley Christian Church Recovery Center, Chase Dental Finance & Media, Smile Restore & ISOMO. 

ISOMO stands for I Stand On My Ordination. All Dentists & ministers are ordained, by Pastor Simms to distribute $300,000 bank Loan Transactions & Teach others on mobiles by media.

The Nevada state Territory Rights to Just Do Jesus Ministry Branded marketing sales rep teams execute application of the 50 Tools of Billionaires to support CEO's Dentists & Ministers.

CEO's Tesla, Mobile & Live Stream Broadcast Media Facility loan & media ministry staff income subsidies is licensed for: 

1. Dental Facilities rights to Dr. Georgene Chase for Nevada DBA Smile Restore Loan and Media Syndication Consortium.

2. Church Studio Audience development rights licensed to Pastor Richard and Sharon Birmingham & selected members.  

Dr. Tribe's 50 Tools of billionaires are also applied to 50 Reno dentists & 50 Reno ministers careers (1 for each of 50 States) 

From team of 100 leaders, 2 per state apply 50 tools that are:

  • the best of local church tools = SONDAY School. 
  • the best of education tools local\media globally.
  • the best of dental finance & economic tools.  
  • the best of Dental Health & Digital staffing tools.

$300,000 Loan syndication income is free to $17,500 members

This $17,500 members program is designed by Just Do Jesus Mobile Ministry Pastor Kermit Simms as an alternative to the traditional, one day per week Sunday School at church. It is also an alternative  to the traditional financial aid office at colleges & traditional bank SBA loans for financing businesses. 

Pastor's Simms Tools of 50 billionaires SONDAY School Alternative is Not 1 day a week, but 24\7. 

Just Do Jesus Mobile Ministry Pastor 1st certifies as SONDAY School Alternative affiliates for $17,500 & $350 per month shared staffing fee only 1 minister & 1 dentist teams over each county territory nationally. Pastor Simms hires, trained and places over each county territory one Reno sales rep.

Reno based Sales Reps

To service these minister and dentist duets, Pastor Simms assigns one professionally trained and certified sale rep from Reno to provided professional support services to each Reno pastor & minister.


Each Reno sales rep must qualify for rights to a county media territory, by referring 5 otters reps to receive a Tesla Model 3 RoboTaxi. Each sales rep will earn $3500 x 5 sales reps referred to pays for his $17,500 media Live Stream Broadcast Studio Audience seat, media territory, business credit, loan & media territory package. Each reps pays only $6497 and $150 per month until qualified for territory.

So one sales reps, is assigned to each minister, each dentists as a team is assigned to 1 Livestream broadcast studio audience seat & 1 county media territory to earn Tesla Robo-taxis & commissions.

Each Reno sales earns $3500 per referral of Reno based dentists, ministers and other sales reps to Pastor Kermit Simms Just Do Jesus Mobile Ministry & Live Stream Broadcast studio audience seats to reach their media territory.

Once you become a Reno based certified sale reps, you qualify for a Livesream broadcast studio audience seat & a county media territory. CEO will  distributes his $300,000 loan and media syndication commission system called SONDAY School Alternative. 

Summary. The Just Do Jesus Mobile Ministry's SONDAY School Alternative is a 24\7 combined mobile phone and  Livestream Stream Broadcast Studio Audience ministry & media territory assigned to only 1 Reno sales rep, 1 dentist & 1 minister per national county territory for $17,500 each. 

This $17,500 program is a loan & media syndication consortium 1st licensed to 50 Reno dentists & 50 ministers first. One team for each of the 50 states, before opening up the county media territories. 

  •  SONDAY Program is an alternative to the $300,000 of long term home mortgage or student loan payments.
  • SONDAY Program is an alternative to the underfunded $17,500+ sitting in mutual funds, 401k, 403b, IRAs, & Roth IRA.
  • SONDAY Program is an alternative to low paying jobs. It is a high commission income of $3500 per referral x 52 wks of $182,000 paid by Pastor Just Do Jesus Ministry.

Just Do Jesus Mobile Ministry's Sonday School Alternative is like a financial aid offices at colleges. Except Simms guide students to "pay off" $300,000 in student loans with bank loan commissions. 

SONDAY is an alternative to banks or SBA Business loans. Except we guide our member how to be paid $300,000 in commissions, if they agree to use the commissions to finance $300,000 that is needed to buy our branded Chase Dental Health Practice or a six Tesla Model 3 Robo-taxis fleet. 

  • 1. $300,000 loan commissions can be earned from bank loan syndication referrals from our provided leads.

  • 2. $300,000 loan commissions paid by banks is used to buy a Fleet of 6 Tesla Model 3 Robo-taxis.

  • 3. $300,000 loan commissions system is professionally managed for $17,500 members @ $350 mo shared staffing and professional media territory management.

For your $17,500 Loan & Media Consortium membership (an mutual fund & home mortgage payment alternative) Just Do Jesus Mobile Ministry CEO applies the Tools of 50 billionaires to your two types of either $300,000 commissions or $300,000 in business credit provided bank loans. what are the 50 Tool of billionaires Pastor Simms applies to your $300,000 in bank loan commissions or bank loans?

This CCTG Program is $68,000.1st buy $17,500 Business credit

Over 1 year, pastor prepares your business credit to borrow $68,000 to buy CCTG Platinum Elite Bank Loan referral tool. Next year, earn $300,000+ from CCTG loan commissions banks pay you. Want income now? Refer $6497 business program. Earn $3500 per referral x 5 = $17,500 to be a SONDAY School affiliate. Share CCTG $300,000+ loan & media commissions to buy-in Chase dental clinic & pay off up to $300,000 in dental school student loans & expenses.

Earn these 6 Incomes below for $68,000 for all commissions or only
$17,500 and $350 per month to sha

Dentists borrow $300,000 to get educated. So borrow $68,000 to earn $300,000 in commissions to buy into a Chase Dental Practice, work there to pay off student loans with CCTG large loan commissions & 6 Robo-taxis.

We suggest you use the $300,000 in bank commissions to buy either a fleet of Tesla Model 3 Robo-taxi

Dentists? You can't raise $68,000 to buy your own CCTG Platinum Elite tool. So Become a $17,500 Member! Begin work @ Chase Clinics. "Share" in $300,000+ CCTG loan commissions & Tesla Robo-taxi Fleet incomes,



We apply Tools of 50 billionaires to your 8 incomes Ecc 11:2

The first black media billionaire was Bob Johnson. He founded Black Entertainment TV Network BET. Sold to Viacom. Johnson then set up 8 firms as his billionaire tools. You buy@$17,500 & $350 mo. staff fees, 8 business incomes.


Eccl 11:2 says "invest" in 8 Incomes (businesses). You buy 8 incomes. Not work labor or actually operate 8 businesses yourself to earn your 8 incomes. As far as income tools are concerned most people have 1 job or 1 business. Don't buy 8 incomes. Most jobs do not pay $300,000 per year incomes. Most businesses do not have any or enough business credit to borrow $300,000 in capital. However, for only $17,500 & $350 per mo. shared staffing fees, Pastor Kermit Simms positions you to both earn $300,000 in loan commissions & to borrow $300,000 in business loans in 1-3 yrs. Use $300,000 to buy 2 of 8 incomes. 1st 2 of 8 is Chase Dental Practice loan & media incomes. This program is called SONDAY School Alternative. It is designed by Pastor Simms to be an alternative to traditional one day per week of Sunday School @ church. It is designed as an alternative source of home mortgage payments & alternative to 401k or IRA investments. 

1. Earn $300,000 in bank Commissions to pay off $300,000 in student loans or buy a Chase Dental Practice.


Pastor Kermit Simms is a CCTG Graduate (Commercial Capital Training Group). He positions you to buy into his CCTG loan and Sonday School Alternative media consortium to earn $300,000 commissions paid to you from banks to pay off student loans.

2. Save & Borrow $300,000 in one year to buy a fleet of 6 Tesla Robo-Taxes to earn $180,000 per year income.


While waiting, refer 1 Reno dentist per wk with large student loans to Pastor Simms' CCTG loan media syndication consortium x 52 wks you earn $3500 x 52 = $180,000 commissions 1st year. You keep $30,000. Save $150,000. Borrow $150,000. Buy 6 Robo-taxis.  

Above 4 companies use tools of industry digital disruption. Kermit Simms adds above 4 tools of 50 Billionaires tools to Smile Restore Loan & Media Syndication Consortium. How? Our 8 staff income subsidy ministry has no church building.


8 Incomes from 4 Type tools, Pastor Simms Applies to Loan & Media Syndication Consortium to pay off loans


Consortium's 4 types of incomes to pay off dental student loans is not only by labor, but by loans & media.


Pastor applies Tools of 50 billionaires to Digital Humans

Check out this great video

Pastor Kermit Simms adds the above 4 digital disruption tool to a Dentist's Career, like that of Dr Georgene Chase, who is also a certified home economist, plus he add his Tools of 50 billionaires to Mobile & Live Stream Broadcast lloan & media.

2nd to 50 Dentists, 1 per state territory of 2 income subsidies from Tesla & Loan commissions for Dental Career Transitions. 

First ADA Supplies to each Dentist the best practices for:

  • Dental Practice Traditional Financing Resources.
  • Dental Practice Staff Location Network.
  • Dental Practice Sellers Identification Network.
  • Dental Practice Buyer Identification Network.
  • Dental office practice management procedures.

1. All 50 Dentists! Go to ADA . Follow their industry guidelines.

2. Then Dr Tribe adds 50 Tools of Billionaires to ADA tools to:

  1. Pay $3500 to dentists to refer Dr. Tribe 50 Tools.
  2. Pay $180,000+ income from 6 Tesla Robo-taxis. 
  3. Pay  $300,000+  loan syndication commissions.


Chase Tesla Robo-Taxis, Loan & Media Syndication Consortium.

Pay $68,000 now for your own CCTG Platinum Elite Program. Or pay $17,500 to be a members. Buy & prepare your business credit. media and commercial loan business.

 You now can earn commercial lending referral income. You also earn $3500 per loan referral income now. Next year, you can qualify to earn $300,000 in CCTG commissions, also.



(a) Pay $6497 as a referral rep client. 

(b) or $17,500 to be a CEO certified media county territory.

As only a sales rep member of Chase Loan & Media Syndication Consortium. You are prepared over 1-3 years to earn $300,000 in lending commissions and borrow the $68,000 or $300,000 in funds for a Chase Dental Practice. 

Smile Restore Loan & Media Syndication Consortium prepares your business credit over 1-2 years to borrow and also earn by referrals, $17,500, $68,000 or $150,000 or $300,000. 

You will need the $300,000 in commission and $300,000 in business credit to earn high incomes in Chase Dental Group. 

If you are prepared or not prepared now for $17,500, call CEO Simms @ 678-559-8747., if you have $6497 for appointment.

with only $6497 (finance it at $150 per month with approved credit) You can now earn $3500 per dentist you refer to this loan and media syndication consortium program.

For only $6497, you can be positioned @ Smile Restore Loan & Media Syndication Consortium, as a referral rep to earn in one - two years $300,000 commissions from CCTG banks to pay off $300,000+ in dental school loans & buy a Chase Dental Practice, with Tesla Robo-Taxi Fleet income. 

How? Join Chase CCTG Platinum Elite Bank Loan Commissions Program to pay off your student loans, and buy a Chase Dental Practice Combo, as outlined in CCTG video.

$17,500 is required to become a CCTG partner with Dr. TRIBE.

Dr Georgene Chase Mobile Dental Clinics & CCTG Kermit Simms

Smile Restore Loan & Media Syndication by CEO K. Simms.

Smile Restore Loan & Media Syndication Consortium CEO Simms to move medicine, ministry, money & music by media & machines to share profits with dentists who join.

Rural & Community Dental Health Financing Strategy is based in profit-sharing from the entire dental finance industry ecosystem as income subsidies for members: 

1 Tesla Robotaxi earns you $30,000 income yearly. So buy 3.


Get 5% off your $6497 Business Credit, loan & media business purchase when you sign up for our newsletter!